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Winter is here

I was going to write an awesome post for my blog about Valentine's Day memories of the past.

It snowed yesterday, and much to my relief, they sent me home from work. It wasn't bad until I got into Milwaukie (took 99E back instead of 205) and almost didn't make it up the incline home! A little worried about my car...Patrick called me when he was leaving and said he would drive home.

"DON'T go up the hill!" I warned him.

Patrick was non-plussed by my concern and said, "It'll be fine, if it doesn't look like I can make it, I'll just park at the bottom and walk up."
"I almost didn't make it an hour and a half ago," I told him.

"I don't know if I'm going to make it around this corner. Okay, I'm going to go. Love you. Bye!"

So as I showered I had these horrible fears going through my head. But Patrick walked through the door. He'd seen someone stranded and parked at the bottom and walked up. I don't know why I didn't think of that for me.

Called my boss who was ok with me staying home. They ended up closing the clinic today.

Snow memories:

*Ghetto Christmas with Sally
*Chopping with a fake ax to break the ice to get into my car
*The last time it snowed when it took me an hour to get home and took Patrick 3 hours (they opened and closed the freeway several times)
*Sliding down the hill at Creston with my parents

My mom sent me home with a bunch of old pictures/memorabilia from my Grandma and my mom's high school days. Apparently, my grandma kept all her cards and envelopes too! I also found a note I wrote Jesus from '95. That was fun to read, including a letter from my paternal grandma to my maternal grandma.

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