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Celtic Spread

I've been jonesing to do a tarot reading for someone for months. Today, my SIL Adrienne agreed to have me do a reading for her. Adrienne is amazing--whenever she's around, I feel at ease. She always makes me happy, and I get SUPER sad and distraught when she leaves. The only readings I've done thus far have been self-readings or daily cards for myself or others, so this was the first big step.

It was rocky, I won't lie. First of all, Adrienne asked two questions, so I decided that something more encompassing--such as the celtic spread--would be fitting. I also sort of have a habit of picking up other people's emotions and holding onto them. I'm trying to get better at not doing that. So Adrienne confided in me something that I won't share, and it was hard to do the reading knowing that. Maybe I should've told her to not tell me anything so I could fly in blind, but I didn't.

The good news was that as we went along, my reading sort of fell into step with the setup of cards, so that was good. It was like starting to ride a bike, where you realize you're riding it and it was an exciting feeling.

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4th of July

Wednesday, we went with Ian, Jess, Holly, and Adam to see Snow Piercer. It was better than I thought it would be, because the trailer did not entice me in the least. The only thing I thought when I watched the trailer was "well, that movie doesn't look TERRIBLE" like I did with Godzilla or Transformers. Met this kid at my apt complex after the film. He seems nice, young but nice. He apparently plays soccer.

It was intense. So intense that I only got up to pee twice. Kind of a big deal. I want to see it again now. Ian was right.

It's 4th of July. Started off today drinking coffee, because that's how most of my days have begun since I was 12. Then I went to my mom's to borrow some baking instruments since Patrick wanted to make strudel. We hung out over there, then I went home.

Patrick put the strudel making into phase two, and I went to the pool. I haven't been going recently, because there are PEOPLE there. So I decided going before noon might limit the number of people there. I was right! For the first 15-20 minutes it was just me and another tanner who had the same idea. We didn't even wave or exchange words. We JUST tanned in silence. It was amazing. Such peace.

Then a woman who was baby sitting showed up with her kid, and my mom came by. We relocated and were probably out there for about an hour to an hour and a half.

Maybe going to go out there again. Thought about 4th of Julys of the past. The ones that stood out were when Yume and I went to this pond and then over to this park in Milwaukie on the hill to watch the fireworks with Matt and Weaver. I also thought of the first year we watched Game of Thrones and how we went to Granbury for river floating.

Tonight, we're supposed to go to a potluck. I don't want to stay long because of the dog, and because I work tomorrow.

We've been training the new girl at work. Misty looks like she is going to pop any day now. She's supposed to be induced next week if her water doesn't break - this was not only something she wanted, but her doctor bumped up her due date.

I want to implement this saying into my daily life without repercussions...

Last night, my 5 year-old nephew was acting out so my sister-in-law put him to bed. His response? "Goodnight fuckers!" Normally, I'd be appalled, but I'm becoming used to this. There was no Lord of the Flies/Children of the Corn behavior to accompany it, just him casually calling out to us and then echoing "fucker" down the hall. It was pretty amusing.

Happy Easter, everyone.
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I slept and I feel considerably better, even though I remembered around 4am something I didn't do at work that may or may not cause problems.
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Winter is here

I was going to write an awesome post for my blog about Valentine's Day memories of the past.

It snowed yesterday, and much to my relief, they sent me home from work. It wasn't bad until I got into Milwaukie (took 99E back instead of 205) and almost didn't make it up the incline home! A little worried about my car...Patrick called me when he was leaving and said he would drive home.

"DON'T go up the hill!" I warned him.

Patrick was non-plussed by my concern and said, "It'll be fine, if it doesn't look like I can make it, I'll just park at the bottom and walk up."
"I almost didn't make it an hour and a half ago," I told him.

"I don't know if I'm going to make it around this corner. Okay, I'm going to go. Love you. Bye!"

So as I showered I had these horrible fears going through my head. But Patrick walked through the door. He'd seen someone stranded and parked at the bottom and walked up. I don't know why I didn't think of that for me.

Called my boss who was ok with me staying home. They ended up closing the clinic today.

Snow memories:

*Ghetto Christmas with Sally
*Chopping with a fake ax to break the ice to get into my car
*The last time it snowed when it took me an hour to get home and took Patrick 3 hours (they opened and closed the freeway several times)
*Sliding down the hill at Creston with my parents

My mom sent me home with a bunch of old pictures/memorabilia from my Grandma and my mom's high school days. Apparently, my grandma kept all her cards and envelopes too! I also found a note I wrote Jesus from '95. That was fun to read, including a letter from my paternal grandma to my maternal grandma.

It finally happened

While sweating and feeling crappy and after sitting in my car, I went to wait inside for my laundry to dry. When I did this, a guy who looked like he was out of Deliverance (although, really, he could've looked like anybody) approached me and gave me his business card. He likes my "look" (shitty grown-out hair, sweat, and muffin top), and told me he liked my skirt (which is long and basically glorified sweatpants).

Suffice to say, Patrick is going to have to deal with wet clothes, because after that, he came back in, sat down and started trying to talk to me about how his clothes "still aren't dry."