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How am I not myself? --I Heart Huckabees

Before I moved last year (Oct '10), I came across a tape my friend, Phil, had loaned me who knows how many years earlier (maybe a year, two at most). Since he lived out of state, and I knew I wouldn't be returning to Oregon for awhile, I gave the tape to my friend, Joey, instructing him to have a dvd made for me.

Today, since he is not done editing it (it was initially supposed to be done by someone else, then his brother, now back to Joey), he posted pictures online as a "teaser" for my eventual, inevitable video.

It is almost 10 years ago, this coming spring that me and many of my drama club friends (17 year old Ashley) went to New York City. Upon relaying this information to one of my friends who I haven't even known for 4 years(?), he asked how I am a different person than I was when I was 17. Upon being asked this question, I turned to the people in the album Joey and I tagged. One person looks the same. Everyone else looks different.

We are all leading vastly different lives than the ones we were 10 years ago. Most of the friends I thought I knew then I wouldn't know today. Which begs the question: do we ever really know each other? When time passes, could we mention several things we know about the person's life now or who they're going to become? I saw some acquaintances I haven't seen for five-ish years recently at a friend's wedding (yeah, I still haven't posted that), and it struck me how long it's been since I've seen them.

I was thinking about the other day how different things were a year ago to two years ago to a year before that. Things change so rapidly. I have another post, but it'll just have to wait. Suffice to say that things are much different now than they ever used to be.

How different will they be 10 years from now?

Aug. 17th, 2011

I miss everyone in Portland SO MUCH!!! Argh. Also, I didn't take enough pictures while I was there. I was distracted and felt rushed about half the time I was there, so I kept leaving my camera in my luggage. :-/

Writer's Block: Part deux

Which movie sequel do you like better than the first, and why?

There are actually a lot of movies with sequels I like better than the original. But not if there's ONLY a sequel, usually if there's more than just the two movies.

Pirates of the Caribbean 2
Dark Knight
The Rescuers Down Under

When I was little, I liked Back to the Future 2, although, now I like the first one better


I got into my car and the song that came on was "I Wanna Be Sedated" by the Ramones. My cd player and I have never been so automatically copasetic.
Yesterday, we went to
for breakfast. They had $8 refillable mimosas. They also have live music on the weekends. So we listened to this Howie Day wannabe cover all our favorite 90's songs. Then we walked over to

and listened to Buxton (blue grass), Robert Ellis (Jackson Browne + James Brown), and Wild Moccasins (super pdx-y). Also, we saw a guy who looked like Rex Manning who was dancing with his woman.

Rex Manning --> 
Oh and there was free beer!


I have a question for everyone.

Do you guys feel like you used to lead more interesting and exciting lives? Yes/no? If yes, how so?
Watching Inception with rif-tracks.

Ttttttttttttttthhheeeeeeeeeee bestest!

Hera's back

Yesterday, I went and picked up Hera from Patrick's parents' house. She spent all of Wednesday (12 hours between the 2 flights and the delays because of the holiday) in her carrier sedated. She was not happy to see me. I said, "Hi Hera!" And she looked away and started walking off.

When I got home, I opened her carrier, and she walked out. She immediately smelled Patrick and got really excited. Then she got annoyed, because she thought I was hiding him somewhere (btw I wasn't, he was at work). Because of allergies, I don't want Hera in the bedroom, but I let her in to PROVE to her that I was NOT hiding Patrick. Upon leaving the room with her head low and dejected, she looked up at me and let our the softest, "Mew?" As if to say, no, you're not hiding him? Where is he?

She is getting settled, but now she is bored and frustrated by the fact that she will have to stay inside, maybe indefinitely. Hera is a cat who will stay outdoors for days, and then come back and stay inside for half a day before leaving again. She just graces us with her presence. She will have to a little longer this time.

She has been quieter than normal, but I think she's going back to her old self.

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